Become a Member

Ever wanted to be on Radio?
Maybe your a youngster looking for a start in Media, Audio Production, Radio Engineering or Electronics?
Or maybe you would like somewhere quiet and listen to some good tunes.
Do you like music? or interesting or odd subjects that you would like to share with people?
or maybe you have spare time and would like to get more involved with your community.

Why not get involved with Collie Community Radio!
it's an easy and fun way get connected with your community!
There's not alot of hard work, but plently of good times to be had with good people, not to mention all the great music along the way!

Collie community radio has many open opportunities for you to join our great group of volunteers here at the station.
There is plently of Air time that is currently free, so why don't you come and do a On-Air Show?
All training is provided FREE! by our volunteers here at the station, and is super easy to learn,
if you can check emails on your computer at home, you could certainly use the station's automation system.
Whether you just want to do an on-air show or get involved with the management committee of the station,
your level of commitment is totally up to you!

What if you just want to get involved in the Technical side of Broadcasting?
We are more than happy to welcome young technicians in training or experienced technicians to our station.
you will get to learn all about broadcast electronics and how all the equipment works, and help setup outside broadcasts.

To get On-Air, all you have to do is sign up as a member at the super-expensive amount of $5 a year.
Once you're a member we will organise with you to do some basic training in operation of the studio equipment
and go over some basic on-air ethics, which amounts to two visits to the studio with one of our volunteers.
Volunteers will be available to help you with your first few shows.
Once confident on your own, you will be supplied a door access card,
then your more than welcome to come in and do your show or help with spot production,
you will also be invited to broadcast at outside broadcasts and social functions held by the Radio Station.

Don't be shy!

Please contact us today.
One of our friendly volunteers will get back to you soon.

Contact Us:

PO Box 868, Collie WA 6225

(08) 9734 5545